Located in the heart of the best timber region in the world,

British Columbia Timberframe Company produces timberframes unequalled in quality, design and price.

Creating post and beam structures are truly the purest form of construction and

requires the greatest degree of skill and knowledge.


Thoughtful service and attention to all your building needs are the cornerstone of our commitment to you.

With inviting open spaces, bold architectural lines and the embracing

warmth of Westcoast Douglas Fir,  BC Timberframe homes offer enduring

quality and beauty that clearly surpasses conventional buildings.


Our in-house designers work in direct partnership with you, tailoring your home to suit your present and  future needs.

Each frame is architecturally-designed in-house using a versatile CAD "2000" computer design system.

The frame is then precisely cut by a Hundegger "K2" automated component saw and joinery machine.

This process guarantees an accurate frame cut and an easy on-site frame assembly.

Traditionally, the cost of  timberframe homes have been out of the reach of the average home builder.

BCTF has  developed a revolutionary approach that produces timberframes at comparable prices to conventional custom homes.

       P.O. Box 2241,  39500 Government Road,  Squamish,  B.C.,  Canada,  V8B 0B5,  P.  866-358-2283 (toll Free),  P.  604-892-1098